I am a bi-coastal artist residing in Long Island City, New York and Palm Springs, California.  I am a board member of LIC-artists since 2014. I curate exhibitions for LIC-A and other NY art organizations such as the Rockaway Artists Alliance and Flushing Town Hall.  I am also a member of the Palm Springs Arts Council and recently exhibited at the Palm Springs Art Museum.
My work is an exploration of materials found in nature that results in new visceral narratives.

Surreal landscapes, imaginal creatures and hybrid specimens emerge from the juxtaposition of feathers, shells, seedpods and semi-precious stones.

The afterlife of these materials, some of which are remnants of once living creatures, aim to suggest the sense of mystery of an archeologist assembling vestiges of a distant past with no true reference of their origin. I allow the materials to inform the context and encourage the viewer to search for meaning beyond the surface.

Memento Mori is an undercurrent theme of my work. Native American shamanic motifs and mandalas are other prevalent references. The delicate fragments imbue the work with an etheral quality that draws attention to the preciousness of life.

I draw inspiration from artists such as Eva Hesse for her use of ephemeral materials, Robert Rauchenberg for his poetic combine paintings and Joseph Cornell for his evocative shadow boxes.

All of the assemblages pictured below are on 300-pound watercolor paper and encased in white shadowbox frames. 



SailorsValentine.jpg Sailor's Valentine, Assemblage with Iolite Stone, Clam Shell and Dyed Feathers

PathsThatCross.jpg Paths That Cross, Asesmblage with Mussel Shells and Freshwater Pearls

Ascending.jpg Assending, Iolite Stones, Spiny Gastropod Seashells and Dyed Feathers

Transition.jpg Transition, Turritella Seashell, Kyantite Stone, Pyrite, Freshwater Pearls and Dyed Feathers

Wave.jpg Wave, Assemblage with Kyanite Stones, Seashell and Dyed Feathers. Private Collection

Untitled.jpg Untitled, Dried Teasel Flower, Dyed Cowhide and Agate Stone

AWingedVictoryfortheSullen.jpgA Winged Victory For The Sullen, Amethyst Stone, Waterchestnut Seedpods and Iridescent Coquetail Feathers

LandscapeJasper.jpg Landscape, Jasper Stone and Dried Flowers

EveningPrayersII.jpg Evening Prayers, Mussel Shells and Peacock Feathers. Private Collection.

Wishes.jpgWishes, Mussel Shells and Peacock Feathers

Utopiajpg.jpg Utopia, Moss, Birch Bark and Peacock Feathers

HomagetoOKeeffejpg.jpgHomage to O'Keeffe, Turritella Seashell, Bottletree Seedpods and Bougainvillea Flowers

EarthlyDeiight.jpg Earthly Delights, Abalone and Conch Seashells, Driftwood and Dyed Feathers

BirthofVenus.jpgBirth of Venus, Seashell and Dried Seedpods. Private Collection.


Mandala No. 3, Pheasant Feathers, Seedpods, Quartz Crystall and Seashells

MandalaNo4.jpg Mandala No. 4, Found Feathers, Aragonite Crystal and Sweetgum Tree Seedpods

MandalaNo6.jpg Mandala No. 6, Pyrite Disc, Feathers, and Seedpods. Private Collection.

PiecesofAprilII.jpgPieces of April, Feathers and Seedpods. Private Collection

MandalaNo8.jpg Mandala No. 8 - The Unseen Eye, Painted Rock by Anthony Santella, Found Feathers and Waterchestnut Seedpods.
                  Private Collection.